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Did you know your mouth is actually home to entire communities of microorganisms that are recycling your food and drinks? Bacteria are living beings. This means they move, eat, grow, reproduce and discharge waste matter. And, that’s how they cause tooth decay in our mouths – by feeding on the sugars in the foods and drinks we consume to grow – then leaving behind the waste, in the form of a biofilm known as dental plaque. This plaque allows all those little recyclers to stick around your teeth longer, until eventually they make acids, which wear down the tooth enamel and cause cavities. The bacteria in the plaque that forms near the gums also produce toxic products that enter the gum tissues, causing gingivitis. If untreated, gingivitis may become periodontitis, a more serious disease where there is bone and tissue loss around the teeth.

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A lack of blood flow to the retina leads to blurred vision or the complete loss of sight. People with diabetes and high blood pressure are at an even greater risk for developing this condition. Managing blood pressure is also the only way to treat hypertensive retinopathy.

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Sudden vision loss is vision loss that occurs over a period of a few seconds or minutes to a few days. Vision may become blurry or cloudy, completely absent, or affected by flashing lights or specks in the visual field called floaters. Part of the field of vision or the entire field of vision may be affected. It is helpful to cover one eye and then the other to determine whether one eye or both eyes are affected. Sudden vision loss is most often painless but may be associated with eye pain, redness, and headache. Any sudden change in vision is potentially serious, even if it involves only part of the visual field or resolves on its own. http://www.alexiifi.com/revision-supplement-reviews/

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These are first experienced as nearsightedness or a slight temporary improvement in up-close reading vision for people who are farsighted. Over time, the center of the lens will become cloudy or yellow/brown. The cataract itself forms in the center of the lens and spreads. This can lead to drastic changes in the ability to see light and color.

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If you think you have a memory problem related to epilepsy, first step is to have a frank discussion with your doctor about your concerns. The doctor treating your epilepsy is in a position to consider the probable impact of factors like brain abnormalities, seizures or the effects of your treatment. She might recommend changing your treatment right away - perhaps by lowering the dose of one or more medications or even changing your treatment altogether.

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